Instruction Smartphone & Tablet

Important information before use

  • Always protect the Zcratch UV from UV-light (sun/daylight) so that the adhesive does not harden. Repack after use!
  • The application video needs to be watched for a successful application!
  • Any standard protective glass is suitable for the application.
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Important application tips

(please read)
  • Clean the display thoroughly to avoid dirt under the protective glass
  • better use less then too much Zcratch UV
  • Let the UV lamp shine for about 2 minutes in a slightly darkened room (UV lamp is deactivated after 2 minutes. )
  • Especially with tablets, it is important to clean the display thoroughly, as crumbs are difficult to remove later
  • better to use less than too much Zcratch UV 
  • Let the UV lamp shine for about 1-2 minutes in a slightly darkened room (UV lamp is deactivated after 2 min.)

Solving Problems

Reason: There is too much Zcratch UV under the film or there is an overpressure that cannot be compensated.


  • Slightly lift up the protective glass -> push out the air and the Zcratch UV
  • -> this results in a thinner and more even adhesive layer

Reason: The device, the protector and the hands have not yet been completely cleaned from all adhesive residue.


  • Clean the device and the foil thoroughly with fresh handkerchiefs and rubbing alcohol
  • Wash your hands several times with soap


There are too many dust particles in the air.


  • Most of the dust particles can be removed later with the provided “Dust-Absorbers” 
  • The bathroom is often least affected by dust particles

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