Remove screen scratches!

With our newly developed Zcratch UV, scratches can simply be made invisible.
The product can be used on any smartphone or tablet.

5 simple steps for a new display

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  1. Clean your Display from grease, dirt and dust
  2. Next step is to apply a fine layer of Zcratch UV on the scratch
  3. Place the protective film on the display and center it
  4. Now the real magic happens. The Zcratch UV connects to the adhesive on the protective glass and also makes the scratch invisible. For support, the air must be pushed out.
  5. Finally, the Zcratch UV is cured with the UV Lamp
  1. First, the display of your device is cleaned of grease, dirt and dust
  2. In the next step, depending on the Apple Watch model, a certain amount of Zcratch UV is applied in the middle. (Model: 38mm, 40mm, 42mm (½ml) / 44mm (1ml))
  3. Then the film is attached to the side and carefully lowered
  4. Place Apple Watch face down on a folded tissue and let Zcratch UV run
  5. Center slide if necessary
  6. The Zcratch UV is then cured under UV light
  7. Remove adhesive residue and clean with isopropanol
  8. Finally remove the protective film from the foil

Avoid expensive screen repairs.

Just apply it yourself!

With our innovative Zcratch UV Kits, scratches can simply be made invisible.

In order to use the product, a protective glass suitable for your device is required.
The Zcratch UV Repair Kit can be used on any smartphone and tablet.

High-Tech Glass Scratch Remover

Makes fine, medium and deep scratches invisible on all glass displays.

The application is very simple. Just follow the instructions and get great results in minutes.
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Any Questions?

No, Zcratch can only be used in conjunction with a compatible protective film/glass.

Yes, the product is waterproof, and you can still use your device in water!

Tempered glass protectors work the best for smartphones (also available for apple devices here in the shop). Thick plastic films also work. Thin plastic films are not recommended, because you will see the adhesive as a "bubble".

For Apple Watches, I recommend our thick PMMA protectors (available in the shop), since glass films crack too quickly.

The film can easily be removed after use if necessary. The product residues can be rubbed off or removed with isopropanol.

No, Zcratch is harmless to your display glass.

Zcratch works with all smartphones, tablets and watches when used correctly.

Please choose between Zcratch UV for Apple Watches  or Zcratch UV for Smartphones & Tablets.

They are different!

As long as Zcratch is used correctly, nothing can go wrong.

When you remove the Protector the scratch will be visible again.

If the film needs to be renewed/removed, the application is simply done again.

It is very easy to remove the product. You can simply pull off the protector with your fingers. Afterward, you can clean the display with isopropanol and either reapply the product or continue using the device without it.

There are detailed YouTube videos for all sets. If you still don't know what to do next, you can reach us by mail all the time.